April 07th 2020
२५ चैत्र २०७६

Garima Remit

Garima Bikas Bank Limited (GBBL) has launched its own remittance service under a brand name –‘Garima Remit’. It’s a web based secured system equipped with state-of-the- art technology that provides real time money transfer service to customers.
Garima Remit (GR) application is highly secured and can only be accessed through authorized/registered PCs, prompting authentication by Digital Certificate (DC), Login ID, Password and Access Code.
Since remittance has remained as mainstay of Nepalese economy, Garima Remit is aiming to nurture economic growth of the country by encouraging saving habit of people. Currently, it’s offering domestic remittance service throughout the nation. The bank is working to expand Garima Remit service to international destinations.
Features of Garima Remit
  • Web based real time money transfer service
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Secured and state-of-the-art technology
  • Compiled with AML/CFT and KYC standards of the central Bank
  • Flexibility of receiving money from any GBBL Branches and its agent across the country
  • Updated and instant information about remittance to its agents         
  • More than 5000 payout network across the country              
 Apart from Garima Remit, GBBL has made tie-ups with major remittance companies to deliver remittance service to its   valued customers

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