Dashain Giveaway

Terms and Condition:

  1. This Campaign is open from 1st to 31st Ashoj, 2078.
  2.  Participants must use the hashtags "#Merosharebachatkhata" in the comment section of the particular posts. Comment should be done in the same post posted in Garima Bikas Bank’s official Facebook page.
  3. Participants should have a minimum of 100 likes and 50 shares on the shared post to be eligible. And should share the post for a whole month of Ashoj and set the audience to the PUBLIC to be eligible.
  4. If the participants fail to get the minimum number of likes and shares on their post, we are not liable to announce the winner for the contest.
  5. Multiple shares from the same profile will not be valid. Only one share per profile will be counted.
  6.  Public share and like of post will only be counted.
  7.  Participants with the maximum shares and likes on their post will be declared as winners.
  8. The Prizes are non-transferable.
  9. The participant has no right to demand the prize as per their preferences. No alternative will be offered for the prize in whole or part.
  10. Shares from Facebook users within Nepal will only be considered as genuine and entertained in the final result.
  11. Garima Bikas Bank holds the right to use the picture/ entry of the participants/ winners for the purpose of any promotion or for use in the print advertisement/ outdoors and digital media.
  12. In the case of contestants receiving an equal number of shares, the winner will be chosen through a lucky draw.
  13. The participants must be reachable at the time of announcing the campaign winner and genuinely provide the date regarding them. In case of declaration if account found is fake and declaration data found not genuine than second share and like will announce as winner.
  14. At the time of announcement of the winner, priority will be given to the highest number of shares in the post.
  15. Employees and family members of Garima Bikas Bank shall be eligible to participate in the contest.
  16. TDS shall be deducted by the bank on each prizes.
  17. Staff will not be eligible for the contest but can participate on it.
  18. In case of any conflicts, Garima Bikas Bank holds the rights at the discretion of the contest.
  19.  The payments eligible for Cashback will directly deposited in their account.
  20. The result shall be announced after ten days of the close of the campaigns.

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