April 07th 2020
२५ चैत्र २०७६

Remittance Savings

Garima Remittance Savings account is a product specially designed for fulfilling the requirement of our valued customers who are in foreign countries in the course of their employment. It is designed to facilitate both remitters working abroad and beneficiaries living in home country as it can be opened by the family member of remitters residing in Nepal or remitters working abroad. Remitters can directly deposit their earnings in the account via this account or through remit number.

  1. Account can be opened by individual above 16 years of age.
  2. Account can be opened at minimum balance NPR 100/-
  3. Cheque book issued
  4. Attractive  interest rate
  5. Interest is calculated on daily basis and paid on quarterly basis.
  6. Access to SMS and mobile banking
  7. Access to ATM service
  8. Unlimited withdrawals and deposits (As per NRB Directives)
  9. FREE Any-Branch-Banking-Services (ABBS)- Can be revise by Management
  10. FREE account statement
  1.   Completed account opening form
  2. Two Passport photograph
  3. Valid means of identification ;  Citizenship ID or Passport
  4. Nominee Citizenship copy & one Passport size Photo (Nominee not mandatory)

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