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Bal Bachat Saving Account

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  • Interest Rate: Highly Attractive Interest Rate
  • Minimum Balance: 100
  • Interest Payment: Quarterly

Bal Bachat Khata is a remarkable social initiative prepared specifically for children below the age of 18.  It provides an opportunity for parents to deposit funds into their children's accounts, with the intention of creating a valuable financial resource for their future needs. Bal Bachat Khata nurtures the habit of saving and empowers children to comprehend the significance of money. As the account grows alongside your child, it serves as a practical tool for teaching them about financial planning and instilling a lifelong savings mindset.

With the Bal Bachat Khata, parents can contribute towards vital expenses that may arise in their children's lives, such as educational pursuits, fulfilling future aspirations, and covering various other essential costs. By proactively saving for their children's future, parents ensure that they are prepared to meet upcoming financial obligations, empowering their children to pursue their dreams without financial constraints.

  • Free ABBS Facility-Can be revised by Management
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free Account Statement
  • Access to C-ASBA facility
  • Access to SMS and Mobile banking & Web Banking
  • Access to Connect IPS facility
  • Access to Debit card (for ATM, and POS transactions)

For more information, you can contact us at our Call Center 01-5970179

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