QR Payments

QR Payment is the right solution to overcome the fear and pull customers at shop to buy products. With this payment method, customers can simply scan the QR code stationed at your business outlet through their mobile phone and swiftly perform the transaction.

Quick Response (QR) code payments are an alternative to cash or debit/credit card payments. It is a contactless payment that is done by scanning the QR code using Garima QR from mobile application. In a few taps, the payment is done.


Advantages of QR Code:

  • All the merchants are receiving digital payments via QR code.
  • Instant merchant’s account will be credited.
  • QR code saves time as the payment gets directly transferred to the bank account.
  • Adopting QR payment will reduce the use of Cash. Will save a lot of your time visiting ATMs to withdraw cash. And can viewed all detail statements via online.

 Step to perform QR Code Payment:

Step 1Login to your Garima Smart
Step 2Tab on the box at the top right corner or swipe Left on the screen.
Step 3Scan the QR code provided by the merchants/shopkeeper.
Step 4Fill the amount you have to pay and tap on confirm
Step 5Enter your transaction pin or biometric to make the payment
Step 6Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a transaction receipt.


Transaction limit:

Method of Transaction

Daily Limit

QR Code Payment

Rs 2 Lakh

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Less Than 2 Cr

Individual Deposit (2 Yrs < 30 Mth)


Less Than 2 Cr

Individual Deposit (2 Yrs < 30 Mth) More Rates
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