Safe Deposit Locker

Garima Bikas Bank Ltd offer safe deposit locker facility for safety of valuables. There is a nominal annual rent, which depends on the size of the locker and the center at which the branch is located. The rent is payable in advance. A copy of the locker agreement regarding operation of the locker can be provided to the locker hirer at the time of allotment of the locker. It is always beneficial to avail the benefits of nomination facility/ survivorship clause provided to locker-hirers. The major advantage of availing these facilities is that in the event of unfortunate death of one of the joint locker-hirer, the right to the contents of the locker does not automatically devolve on the surviving joint locker-hirer/ nominee (s), unless there is a survivorship clause/ nomination.


  • Bank Safe lockers are reasonable and available in different size.
  • Bank lockers are secured by insurance cover against fire and other hazards.
  • One can nominate or appoint a family member to operate the locker in his or her absence.
  • Total privacy is maintained in a bank locker as bank officials do not see what you keep inside your locker.


Newroad Branch (Kathmandu), Suryabinayak Branch (Bhaktapur), Kumaripati Branch (Lalitpur), Sabhagriha Chwok Branch(Pokhara), Bagar Branch (Pokhara)



Annual Rent







*Security Deposit shall be held in the Customers’ operative account.

*Interest shall be provided on quarterly basis.


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