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This Personal Loan is designed for financing personal and social requirements of individuals having identifiable and stable income sources against mortgage of real estate properties. The loan is categorized into Term Loan, Overdraft Loan and Mortgage Loan.

Major highlights:

Loan Limit

  • The minimum loan amount to be sanctioned is NPR 0.3 Million
  • In case of overdraft loan, the maximum limit of loan is NPR 5 Million
  • In case of term loan for personal purpose, the maximum limit is NPR 50 Million
  • The loan limit of mortgage term loan is above 50 lakhs and maximum up to single obligor limit.

Loan Tenure

  • The maximum tenure for personal term loan is 10 years.
  • The maximum tenure for mortgage term loan is 20 years.
  • The maximum tenure for personal overdraft loan is 1 year.
  • Mortgage & personal term loan is to be repaid through Equate Monthly Installment (EMI).
  • The personal overdraft loan is in the nature of revolving and can be renewed after due completion of the related provisions. 
Collateral Required

Land or Land & Building will consider as a collateral. 


Calculated as 80% of the Fair Market Value

  • Employed professionals (Doctors/Engineers/Bankers/CAs/Teachers etc.)
  • Employees of Corporate Business Houses
  • Self Employed Professionals/Business persons
  • Other Individuals having reliable and stable sources of income

Basic Documents

The applicant should provide at least the following documents before initiation of the credit proposal.

  • Completed loan application form of the bank.
  • Map of the applicant's residence and the to be purchased property
  • Details of the guarantors
  • Copy of citizenship of applicant and the guarantors
  • Income source documents
  • Title deed of the related properties
  • Building completion certificate in case of purchase of land and building
  • Payment receipt of latest land revenue
  • Four boundaries certificate of the proposes collateral security
  • Blue print of land
  • Trace map of land
  • Other related document as necessary
  • Documents conforming the utilization for Mortgage loan

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